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Welcome to the

Pure Water Store

by Aqualife Filtration Systems

Do you make sure you’re drinking water enough to stay healthy? Are you worried about what might be lurking in your tap or bottled water? The team at Aqualife Filtration Systems is dedicated to helping the Contra Costa County get healthier by providing fresh drinking water to each of our customers. Purified fresh for you in-store, we will make sure you and your family have the fresh drinking water you need to stay healthy and hydrated.

In addition to our Ultra Pure Water, we now also offer:

Alkaline Mineral Water pH9+

Are you looking for the healthiest Alkaline water? Do you want the benefits from Natural Minerals on your water? Do you want Natural Antioxidants?


We offer the best Alkaline water your body needs, we use our Purified Water with FDA-approved, NSF Certified proprietary filtration and restructure the purified water by adding essential ionic minerals (ionic calcium, ionic potassium, ionic magnesium, ionic natrium, etc) to provide you with a pH9+, our water does not expire or loose any of it's Anti-Oxidant benefits.


Ionic minerals added (without the use of electricity) absorb at the cellular level faster than hard minerals in other water systems. This means your body will use the benefit from every drink.


visit us at 3162 Contra Loma Blvd. Antioch, CA 94509

we're open Mon-Sat 9 am - 6 pm, closed Sundays.


Discover the Water Difference!

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