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Water Products

At the Pure Water Store by AquaLife Filtration Systems in Antioch, California, we take tap water whose quality is predictable in a certain range and process it through various treatment steps using filtering systems designed by the latest technologies to produce the highest quality drinking water. Unlike other companies, we do not store water in bottles and let them sit for days until they are shipped, which again will likely take some more days, if not months, until the water is delivered to your doorstep. We filter our water daily in an environment control area, with special storage tanks that are disinfected daily by injecting Active Oxygen O3 (Ozone) to keep water in a sterile state and aerate it to prevent a stagnant state, so the water is as fresh as it can be. 


Walk-in customers are welcomed to pick up their own water, freshly made on the spot!

Our Products Include:
  • Refreshing Pure Water

  • Mineral Alkaline Water with pH9+

  • BPA-Free Bottles

  • Standard Bottles 

  • Crocks 

  • Stands

  • Water Filtration Equipment

  • Water Softeners

  • Whole House Filtration

  • Ice Machines

  • Filtration Supplies


                                            We are Authorized Dealers of Hoshizaki Ice and Bluewater

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