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Water Products

Discover the Pure Water Difference at AquaLife Filtration Systems!

Experience the freshest, highest-quality drinking water in Antioch, California. At AquaLife Filtration Systems, we go beyond bottled water to provide you with pure, delicious water that's:

  • Freshly filtered daily: We never store our water – it's filtered on-demand using advanced technology, right on-site.

  • Safe and pure: Our multi-step filtration process removes impurities and contaminants, ensuring your water is clean and healthy.

  • Superior taste: Enjoy the refreshing taste of truly pure water, free from harsh chemicals and minerals.


Skip the bottled water: Ditch the plastic and environmental impact of bottled water. Bring your container or purchase one of our BPA-free containers to fill up with fresh, filtered water anytime.


More than just water: We offer a range of products to enhance your water experience, including:

  • Mineral Alkaline Water with pH 9+: Enjoy the potential health benefits of alkaline water with added essential minerals.

  • Water filtration equipment: Home filtration system for convenient, filtered water on tap.

  • Water softeners: Eliminate hard water problems and enjoy softer, smoother water for your entire home.

  • Ice machines: Create crystal-clear ice for your drinks with our selection of high-quality ice makers.

  • Plus, filtration supplies, bottles, crocks, stands, and more!


Authorized dealer: Trust AquaLife Filtration Systems as your authorized dealer for Hoshizaki Ice and Bluewater products.


Visit us today! Our friendly staff is happy to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect solution for your needs. Experience the Pure Water Difference – you'll taste the difference!

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