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In-Store Refills

Craving fresh, delicious water? Skip the wait and refill your bottles today at our Antioch, CA location!

We purify our water daily, ensuring you get the absolute freshest taste - no stagnant stored water here! Plus, we handle everything for you, from washing bottles with purifying ozone to filling them up. Need a hand loading them into your car? Just ask!

Our mission: making sure you get healthy, affordable water with ease. Contact us today to learn more!

Try our Delicious Ultra Pure Water!

In addition to our Ultra Pure Water, we now also offer:

Alkaline Mineral Water pH9+

Upgrade Your Hydration with Our Premium Alkaline Water

Looking for water that goes beyond basic hydration? Our alkaline water is packed with natural minerals and antioxidants to support your overall health and well-being.

What makes our water different?

  • Purified and Enhanced: We start with purified water and add essential ionic minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium using an FDA-approved and NSF-certified filtration process. This ensures a clean, balanced taste and optimal mineral absorption.

  • Powerful pH 9+: Our water boasts a pH level of 9+, which may help neutralize acidity in your body and promote overall well-being.

  • Long-Lasting Antioxidants: Enjoy sustained antioxidant benefits thanks to our unique process that preserves their potency.

  • Cellular-Level Absorption: Ionic minerals are absorbed more readily by your cells compared to minerals found in other water sources.

From Source to Perfection: How We Create Your Healthy Water

Our journey to providing you with the purest, most beneficial water begins with a multi-stage process designed to remove impurities, remineralize, and alkalize the water. Here's a closer look at each step:

Stage 1: Deep Purification:

  • 13-Step Reverse Osmosis: Our state-of-the-art system uses multiple filters and membranes to remove microscopic particles, chemicals, and contaminants, leaving you with clean, fresh water.

  • Ozone Disinfection: This powerful natural oxidizer eliminates bacteria and viruses without harsh chemicals.


Stage 2: Mineralization and Alkalization:

  • Natural Calcium Carbonate: This special media raises the water's pH level, creating an alkaline environment that may offer health benefits.

  • Essential Minerals: The process adds calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, vital for your body's optimal function.


Stage 3: Enhanced Hydration and Energy:

  • Hydrogen Enrichment: This process infuses the water with hydrogen, which some studies suggest may improve energy levels and reduce inflammation.

  • Far-infrared spheres: Activates water molecules, potentially enhancing absorption and hydration.


Final Stages: Polishing and Protection:

  • Carbon Filtration: This final step removes any remaining impurities and polishes the taste for a refreshing experience.

  • UV Sterilization: This ensures your water remains bacteria-free until it reaches your glass.


The Result:

You receive pure, alkaline water with added essential minerals, potentially offering numerous health benefits. This water may help with hydration, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Business Hours:

Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm

Closed Sundays

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